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"I met Jeanne 2 years ago in Tennessee where she was working as a dog trainer for D&C Dog Training. When she moved back to the Philadelphia area we got together and she came with three beautifully trained dogs. A male German Shepherd, female Malinois, and her mutt who are highly trained dogs. Jeanne is a very accomplished trainer who understands dog behavior and can fix problems in dogs and help owners achieve success. You won't regret hiring her, if you have problems with your dogs or just to make your dogs better perform in obedience and in general life."

Joe M. - Warrington, PA

"This girl right here!!!! If you need a dog trainer, she is your girl. Let me tell you about her…
Jeanne has taken care of my angel bear so many times in Hawaii. Even before being professionally trained, Jeanne would take care of my black lab, Lani, and Lani would come back a completely new dog (without asking). She would actually listen to me and not beg for food. Jeanne has a natural talent and that was even BEFORE being professionally trained. She’s amazing!!  


She will spend time chatting with you, focus on you and your dog’s needs, your own goals that you want to accomplish with your dog (because every family is different). She’s your girl right here!!

Mahalo Jeanne Steiker!! Wish you were still here in Hawaii to train Lani also but wishing you the best!!!"

Lizzy K. - Kailua, HI

"I normally only post my photography but this has to be said! This is by far one of my favorite dog trainers! Jeanne Steiker founded Steiker K9 Training. She puts her all in when training dogs with everything from behavior management to puppy obedience! Jeanne shows off her amazing training through her sporting dogs. She’s raised two very talented k9s. I’ve worked with her a couple weeks ago and I have nothing but praise for her and her training!"

Andy, owner of Focal Photo Photography - Jenkintown, PA

"Had the opportunity to have her work beside me and train family pet dogs and IGP dogs for competition before she moved. She’s a wonderful and talented trainer and a very hard worker. She will stand with the moral high ground unlike most trainers and do it out of passion, love, and care for dogs and dog sports."

Tyler P. - Clarksville, TN

"My Mini Labradoodle 3 month old puppy, Sunny, and I have learned so much from Jeanne in only a few lessons. For those of you who are fans of Mary Poppins, you will recognize Jeanne as a “practically perfect person”! She is smart, very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She provided comprehensive written notes after each session so we could follow up with our training practices. My favorite training tip from Jeanne is “BE THE PARTY” when praising your dog. Cute and fun, just like Jeanne…and it works! Thank you, Jeanne!"

Carolyn S. - Norristown, PA

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