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Treats and Chews


Treats are one of the most common ways to reward your dog. The desirability of a treat depends on how much the dog values it. Remember every dog is different in how they value the reward. Treats can be divided into values: low-value, mid-value, and high value.


treats can be your dog's kibble, dry biscuit treats such as Charlee bear, or veggies


treats can be cheese, hot dogs, generic meat treats from a pet store (Zuke's, Pup-peroni)


treats can be freeze or dehydrated meats (beef liver, heart), Dog Joy, meat balls, plain cooked chicken or steak


Dogs love to chew! Chews can be great for both dental health as well as give your dog mental stimulation, release endorphins, and provide some nutritional benefits. I always recommend single-ingredient chews. The most common type of chew you will find are bully sticks. Whenever you give your dog a chew, make sure you are there to monitor, remove the chew away if it gets too small and can be swallowed whole and provide fresh drinking water. Chews can come in many different forms and sizes. Pick a chew that fits your dog's needs (think about their size, what type of chewer they are, if they have allergies).  

Some companies I recommend 

  • Wild Nourish Pet

  • Farm Hounds

  • Primitive Choice

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