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Building A Better Relationship With Your Dog

How Can I Help You?

Imagine if your relationship with your dog was an ongoing adventure. Steiker K9 Training’s mission is to work together with you so that you and your pet can enjoy a full life of both satisfying and enjoyable experiences together. 


I can offer you an advanced skill set, effective tools, and a positive attitude to allow you to achieve the results you seek. Your best four-legged friend will be there for you in ways you never dreamed possible. 


My vision is to support dog owners to enjoy the training experience and teach them to be able to communicate clearly with their dogs, so they can enjoy all that their dogs have to offer. 

Dog training is not “one size fits all” I will create a plan specific to you and your dog's needs. I work with all breeds, all sizes, and all ages!

I currently service both Howell, NJ and the surrounding area in addition to Philadelphia and Greater Philadelphia.

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