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Types of Training Services Offered

Dog training is not “one size fits all” and I will create a plan specific to you and your dog's needs.

I offer private and group lessons focusing on basic to advanced obedience, and off leash obedience.

Puppy Foundation

Every new or old dog owner wants to set their puppy up for success. I can help you do that! Potty training, routine, crate training, luring and shaping behaviors (i.e. sit, down, place, recall), leash walking, engagement, marker training 

Basic Obedience

Marker training, loose leash walking, fixing unwanted behaviors (i.e. jumping on people, counter surfing, mouthing), engagement, commands (sit, down, stand, stay, place, recall), thresholds Canine Good Citizen (CGC) prep 

Advanced Obedience

Honing in on commands, fading lures, and adding duration to commands, adding distractions, advanced leash walking 

Off Leash

Once your dog has progressed into advanced obedience, we can begin to work on obedience off-leash. Letting your dog off-leash can be dangerous if it is not trained properly. Untrained off-leash dogs can pose a huge threat to the safety of them as well to those in the community. It is important that you have full control of your dog. 


Muzzle training, reactivity, loose leash walking, tricks, games

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