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Picking a dog trainer can be very intimidating. My goal is to give you confidence and the assurance that your dog will succeed.  

Training Philosophy

I consider myself a balanced trainer. I find that by understanding how dogs learn you can easily teach them new behaviors. Similar to humans, not every dog learns the exact same way and that's okay. We will use tools appropriate for the dog to support their learning. By teaching them in a clear and consistent manner, using markers (Yes, No, Good, etc.), as well as positive and negative reinforcement they will be able to clearly understand what behaviors are wanted from them. By understanding clearly what is expected of them, it will allow them more freedom and be less likely to engage in behaviors that will get them into trouble.

What Type of Training tools do I use?

All training tools serve a purpose and are dependent on the needs of the owner and dog. Tools should always be used in a correct manner and should not cause harm to your dog. Treats, toys, praise, play, prong collars, slip-leads, martingales, and e-collars are types of tools that can be used to help you communicate with your dog.

How long does training take?

Training lasts throughout the lifetime of your dog. An owner's commitment to be consistent and keep up with training will set them up for success!

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